GDPR & Privacy Policy

Fair Obtaining

- At the time when we collect information from website users and registered BER Assessors, they are doing so to register on the website to obtain access to the platform. Users are aware that they need to supply this information so we can identify them and subsequently contact them in providing our service.

- We do not disclose users data to third parties.

- At times, we may ask users for consent to share their personal data with supplementary service providers.

- Our data-collection practices are open, transparent and up-front.

Purpose specification

- We keep users personal information on file to allow them to log into the website to access the information they have requested, for example quotes from BER Assessors.

- The individuals saved on our database are clear about the purpose of their data storage by this policy.

- Responsibility has been assigned to for maintaining a list of the user and BER Assessor data sets and the purpose associated with each.

Use and Disclosure of information

- Information we collect from users on is stored in a secure database and is not disclosed to third parties without express prior consent.

- All employees are aware of these rules.

- All individuals are aware of the uses and disclosures of their personal data.


- A comprehendive set of security provisions are in place to secure each data set.

- is responsible for the development and review of these provisions.

- These provisions are appropriate to the sensitivity of the personal data we keep.

- All databases and servers are password-protected and encrypted if appropriate.

- All computers, servers, and files are securely locked away from unauthorised people.

Adequate, relevant and not excessive

- We only collect the information we need to serve our purpose effectively, and to deal with individuals in a fair and comprehensive manner in providing the best service possible.

- All the information we collect is relevant, and not excessive, for our specified purpose.

- If an individual asks us to justify every piece of information we hold about him or her, we can do that.

Accurate and up-to-date

- We check our collected data for accuracy.

- We take steps to ensure our databases are kept up-to-date.

Retention Time

- We regularly purge our databases of data which we no longer need, such as data relating to former customers and staff members.

- We have a policy of deleting personal data as soon as the purpose for which we obtained the data has been completed.

The Right of Access

- is responsible for handling access requests.

- We have clear procedures in place for dealing with such requests.

- We guarantee compliance with the Act's requirements in the right of access.

- If you would like access to your information held on file by, please email us.