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By using this website,, you agree to the terms and conditions on this page, which may be updated from time to time. It is your responsibility to keep up to date with these terms and conditions. You agree to be bound by these terms or you must cease to use this website immediately. provides you with quotes from registered BER Assessors to complete your residential BER Certificate. If you have a commercial property, you can contact commercial BER Assessors directly to get quotes.

A building's energy rating is only a guide to its overall energy efficiency. Actual energy usage and energy efficiency will depend on how occupants operate the building. No representation or warranty is made by to any user of this site.

No express or implied contract is entered into by any user of this site with, any payment to Zadar Ltd via shall be deemed consideration for use of as a referral service and not part payment for the supply of a B.E.R. Certificate or any other product or service. Privity of Contract exists only between the user and the chosen B.E.R. Assessor. does not endorse or guarantee the ratings of B.E.R. Assessors. in no way makes any warranty concerning, or accepts any legal liability whatsoever arising from or connected to, the accuracy, reliability, completeness or merit of any B.E.R. Certificate or any material or advice provided by B.E.R. Assessors. cannot accept any responsibility for the work or representations of B.E.R. Assessors whatsoever. B.E.R. Assessors are independent of and are not agents or employees of

You accept that as a condition of the use of this site that you are precluded from making any claim against for any loss, damage or expenses that may arise directly or indirectly from any activity of a B.E.R. Assessor introduced via this site.

You accept that is only facilitating an introduction between the B.E.R. Assessors and the persons seeking a B.E.R. Certificate. Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland is responsible for the registration of B.E.R. Assessors and ongoing management of the Building Energy Rating (BER) Scheme. does not guarantee a specific number of quotes will be received once a request has been made. Independent BER Assessors choose whether or not to submit a quote for each individual request made. is not currently registered for VAT and therefore VAT is not charged on booking fees paid online. Individual BER Assessors may be VAT registered and charge VAT on their fee.

As a user of the website, you agree that where an Assessor's quote is chosen and they determine the facts of the property are different from those posted on the website, for example the size of the property or number or additions is different from what the Assessor caluclates, the Assessor is entitled to change their quote prior to commencing the survey which the client may accept or cancel the job. On cancellation, the booking fee will be returned by

Where a BER Certificate booking fee is paid, and a BER Certificate is not produced by the chosen Assessor within 90 days, a refund may be offered by Refunds may take up to 30 days to process and will be remitted via the original payment method. Refunds will not be processed otherwise.

For more information about BER Certificates, to get duplicates of BER Certificates and Advisory Reports, you can contact the SEAI via their BER Helpdesk. See for details.

BER Assessors

It is your responsibility to keep up to date with these terms and conditions. You agree to be bound by these terms or you must cease to use this website immediately.

To register as a BER Assessor on this website, you must be a qualified and registered BER Assessor with the Irish governing body, currently the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland, SEAI. By registering, you agree that you are a current registered BER Assessor with the SEAI. You also agree to inform immediately by email at if there is any change to your registration status or if you cease to become a registered BER Assessor.

By using, you agree to contact your clients procured via within one business day.

By using, you agree to complete BER Certificates procured via within a reasonable timeframe.

By using, you agree to accept payment directly from your client procured via on the day of the survey.

By using, you understand that you and you alone are responsible for producing the BER Certificate and rating and you understand and agree that does not endorse or guarantee your BER ratings.

By using, you agree not to sub-contract any work to third parties. All work must be completed by you, the BER Assessor registered and vetted with

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How Works

Once you post your job online, we notify all registered BER Assessors in your county. Assessors then submit quotes which you can accept by paying a €20 booking fee (this is included in the quote). Once paid, the Assessor will contact you within one business day to arrange the survey at your property and we'll send you the Assessor's contact details too. Then you pay the balance of the quote directly to the Assessor on the day.

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